Market Tips: How to Create the Perfect Set Up Display

Welcome to part 2 of our Market tips series! (Missed part 1? Click here) This time we are chatting about creating the perfect market booth or table set up.

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So you’ve applied for your markets and now are trying to figure how to showcase your products. Creating the best way to display your items takes time, creativity and preparation to get it all right. Sadly it is not as simple as throwing a table cloth onto your 6 x 3 table and slapping your items onto the flat surface – even though we totally wish it was! With markets becoming more and more competitive your table has to stand out in the crowd and scream for attention. Here are some tips!


There’s nothing worse than walking by a table where items are laying flat down on the surface. You are not a wallflower, so don’t let your booth become one!  The best advice I was given when I started was: Display your items in verifying heights. Give your table or booth some dimension and your viewer a natural path for their eyes to travel. Certain heights mean that some things are easier to see when eye level, as well as others lower down are easier to touch. Don’t forget showcasing items in varying heights also draws in people from across the room too. My favorite example of this: My girlfriend owns a party  decoration biz (Dixie and Twine) and to one market she brought these huge hot pink helium balloons that said “O-M-G” to place above her booth (scroll two photos below). You couldn’t miss her table from a mile away! Take into consideration that when you lay your items flat on a surface, chances are it means the person looking has to either tower over your booth to see – or no one will see your products because someone may be blocking the view. We’ve all been there when a group decides to congregate in front of your booth and chat for what seems an hour and no one can see your stuff! Trust me it happens more than you know it.

Ways to create varying heights: Crates, stacking boxes, mannequins, hanging racks, mini platforms etc. (PS make sure to talk to the organizers to find out the maximum height your booth can be just in case!)

Pottery: Salty Sea Dog Designs, Photography: Little Modern Market



Ever gone into IKEA and relished in the fact that is was so damn clean? Simple lines and not cluttered? This is what you want your table or booth set up to be. People love being in clean and tidy spaces so don’t over complicate things for them. As makers we have a tenancy to want everyone to see EVERY single piece of our work, but sometimes it’s too much and can be overwhelming for the customer. Advice: Don’t dump all your product onto the table. Pick and choose what you want to display and keep it minimal. Have 8 different colours of one product? Only put out three. This may seem silly, but if someone is interested in something mention you have other colours tucked away in your storage bin below because 1) It gets them intrigued, 2) It makes them feel special because you are pulling something out JUST for them, and 3) It gives you something to talk about so you don’t hungrily stare at them when they are looking over your items.

Paper Stationary: Stevie & bean, Photography: Little Modern Market


If you’re brand is hot pink and white, don’t you dare use a cream or brown table cloth that you randomly found at home. Just like your social media platforms, logo, Etsy shop and website, your brand has to translate through every thing you do. That includes your presentation at markets and craft fairs. As people see your setup it should remind them of your company as a whole. If you’re an earthy vibe, include nature and branches into your space. If you’re a prim and bubbly maybe add some tulle to your table. Get creative and don’t be afraid to switch up your setup from time to time. No one likes s stale booth. (I’m literally redoing my whole booth concept fright now!)

Note: Also take into consideration that you will be needing to loading your set up in and out. If you want those IKEA shelving units – be ready to haul them in and out and build them and rip em’ apart at the end of the show!

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Party Decorations and Photography: Dixie and Twine

What are some tips and tricks you have used to get the perfect booth? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Market Tips: How to Create the Perfect Set Up Display

  1. Scott Adams says:

    It’s interesting that you talked about how you can use height placement to promote products. I remember the last time I went to the store, I bought mostly things that were at my eye level. I can see how if there is one thing you want to sell, you could put it right in front of their eyes.


    1. noshitbiztips1 says:

      Definitely! Stores are a great example as they will usually put larger things up high to grab your attention from across the room and then bring your gaze down. Most items that are lower down are at hand level so you can easily touch them and pick them up. Levels are a great way to showcase things – especially because we all vary in height too.


  2. nalbandian1 says:

    You have shared a good market tips to create the perfect booth with us. Creating the best way to display your items need time, creativity & preparation to get it all right. Thanks for sharing.


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