Market Madness – Prep Your Market First Aid Kit



Tis’ the season of markets! By now you’ve been madly prepping with stock, getting the finishing touches of your booth together and staring at the calendar with horror as each weekend marches slowly (more like quickly!) closer. You stay up all night the night before trying to make sure you have everything packed, to only get there and have your stomach grumbling because you forgot to eat before you left. Or all you want is a damn drink of water and an Advil for your smiling sore cheeks. We’ve all been there – so let’s be proactive and fix that in one swoop. It’s pretty simple: Make a Market First Aid Kit!

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As you’re putting your “Market First Aid Kit” together, imagine it as a one stop shop that you can leave in your market set up box (let’s be serious it’s really a heap in the corner of your basement) and have it already packed and ready before every market. You won’t even have to think about it. These are the small things I suggest putting in your small makeup bag sized kit:

  1. Advil or Tylenol – Markets have long days, loud music playing and a lot of people in general wanting to talk to you. Add your stress level from before the market and your probable dehydration (see below) means that it’s the perfect recipe for a pounding headache. Fix it by having a few painkillers on hand.
  2. Water – We know you don’t want to leave your booth to pee, but seriously cotton mouth is a thing here – especially when you’re talking to so many people. Plus a cranky dehydrated vendor means less sales cause ya aren’t smilin’. Water is an essential and you won’t believe the difference you’ll feel if you just keep sipping throughout the day.
  3. Snacks – You’re a busy selling boss babe, ain’t no time for snacks! LIES. Save yourself the effing hanger and have some great snacks on hand that will curb your angry thoughts when the crowd starts to lull in the afternoon. The healthier the better too – sugar crashes suck.
  4. A charged portable battery pack and charger – You’re ready to ring up that massive sale and BOOM you’re phone dies. You now have a booth that only takes cash. Whomp whaa. Save yourself and keep an extra charger cord and battery pack with you so you won’t be worried about the juice in your phone. Extra tip: Don’t forget to charge it before. *wink*
  5. Chapstick – You’re talking a lot and what a surprise you’ve forgotten to drink your water! You’re lips are now chapped as hell. Pull out the salve (my fav local brand is XX Balm here in Calgary!) and you’ll be thankful in the end.
  6. Tampons – We are girls. We get it. Nobody likes to see Aunt Flow at the wrong moment. I don’t think we have to justify this additive… unless you’re a guy.
  7. A square reader and a bit of extra cash – Square readers are awesome but they also love to get lost. Keep a spare one in your little kit and you won’t have to worry if you can’t find yours the day of, or if it gets broken during the move in and out! Make sure to add a few bucks in case of food emergencies, parking machine mishaps and just in case as an emergency cash float in the slight chance something terrible happens.

Some other things I suggest for market day are:  wearing comfortable shoes and layered clothing. You will be on your feet all day and you should have ample support for those footsies – no one is gonna see them anyways under your table so you don’t have to be trendy. I promise you’re lower back will thank you as you try and fall asleep later that night! Remember to add layers to your wardrobe because you never know if your booth will be situated by the door, if the air conditioning kicks into high gear or it’s sweltering hot in the room. If you think of these in advance I can promise your stress level will diminish – at least a bit.  You can never be over prepared. Good luck!


Thanks for reading along on our Market Series. To read part one click here, to read part two click here.


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