5 Tips to Brushing Off the Negative Funk

I don’t know about you, but as the holidays get closer and the markets draw nearer it’s like my body is in high tension mode. Things tick me off quicker, small things turn to large and next thing you know… it’s like the weird week before your period and you feel like you’re going to “Hulk Smash” everything in sight.

So what do you do when an email chain goes wrong? Or you get a bad Etsy review? Or some disagrees with you on a social media board? Your insides are burning, and even an hour after you feel like you’ve dealt with it, there’s this big ball of rage just burning a hole in your soul.

In the last couple weeks I’ve had a few of these. The rollercoaster goes from shock, to anger, to sadness, to anger, to sadness to… anger again. At least in my case. So should you be feeling this way like I have, here are some tips to cope. I like to take action, so here are a few things I like to do, because staying angry is not an acceptable option:

  1. Put your phone/technology down and walk away for a period of time. I don’t know about you, but if something has gone awry I like to look at it over and over again and obsesses about it. I imagine myself saying different things, or look back and wish that I had reacted a different way. Maybe I even call a friend and have a bitch sesh, but I always come back to review. Do yourself a favor and put it down. You did what you did, what has been said has been said. You can’t change it. Now woo-sah. Try to walk away.
  2. “Shake it off” or “Put on some gangster rap and deal with it”. We’ve all seen these quotes, but they come from an honest truth. Grab your favorite sob CD (Do people own CD’s anymore?) and sing that shit out in the car at the top of your lungs. My go to’s are Adele and Moana. If I cry at the same time, even better. Also, singing releases endorphin’s, which is the chemical in your body that makes you happy! #winwin
  3. Go for a work out. Or go dancing. Just exercise. Just like singing, moving around and being active causes your body to release endorphins – which is like a happy pill. Your mind will be more focused on your body than in your head being angry or upset.
  4. Cry. It sounds crazy because we always try to bottle it in, but just let er’ flow. Let the dam break and sob. Building up our emotions takes a toll on our bodies mentally and physically. Release it.
  5. Meet up with friends and talk. Sometimes we have to get things off our chest. Just don’t stew on it and beat it like a dead horse for the next week. Have your bitch session and try to move on as best as you can. (This is one I am trying to work on haha). There is no point is obsessing over spilt milk.

Each person has their own way of coping so please don’t limit yours to the 5 above. What are some copying strategies that you use to get out of the negativity funk? Have these worked for you? I would love to hear and add some to my coping strategies.

xoxo Chantal


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