12571277_10153574616243403_1635275223_nWelcome to No Shit Biz Tips. All the tips – none of the shit. 

NSBT is here to help you grow your small business and get started on the right path to doing what we all want – making more money and progressing our brand. With advice on social media, marketing, branding and maker advice in between you can expect to find simple quick solutions to expanding your own brand.

No Shit Biz Tips is owned and run by Chantal Miyagishima – a purple haired, 27 year old, straight talker, no nonsense knitter with a big bad potty mouth. With over 8 years in the commercial advertising industry and her own small biz knitting company Knitatude (3 years running) under her belt Chantal is a softy at heart and fell in love with helping others and wanting them to succeed. That’s where YOU come in!

What to expect?

A whole bunch of swears, straight to the point advice, and no bullshit tips targeted at makers and small business owners. All with a big serving of positive re-enforcement. Having to do all of the roles in running a small business are do-able with the right tools and the right attitude. Let’s help you out.