How to Eliminate Social Media Stress

When running our own businesses sometimes it’s the smallest tasks that bog us down. I know that social media is the main culprit that I spend too much time on, but did you know there are ways and tools out there that can ease that overwhelming sensation of drowning and help you plan in advance?

3 Common Social Media Myths & Are You Thinking Critically?

Working full time in advertising sales, and owning a small biz means that I am torn between two worlds: traditional media and social media. Though we are constantly told at work to embrace the new digital era, we are also consistently battling to show that despite what the papers say – traditional media (TV, Radio and Print) is not dead. As a person who has a small business, and with many friends who rock it on social media, I find myself caught in the middle. But with all it’s hype – I’m constantly reminded through numbers that social media is small potatoes and I have to think critically.


We’ve all seen the skit between Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon centering around the hashtag (If you haven’t – click here) and we’ve all come back with the thought “Why would someone even use hashtags?”. Yes. We get it. That was excessive, but that’s the crazy part… hashtags aren’t just for silly nonsense words that you throw up onto your post. Hashtags are a way that people can find you and a way of grouping and nicheing certain topics together. You can totally use them to your advantage.