How Reading is Essential to Being a Small Biz Owner


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Ever gotten an email and quickly skimmed it, only to send a message back asking something they had already stated in their original email? Yup. You end up feeling hella embarrassed because you know you look like a complete dumb ass in their eyes now. If so – you’re not alone. If you haven’t – well look at you, you lucky fuck.  I can promise that at some point we will all be culprits of this, but when it comes to a business standpoint you have to read everything so you’re taken professionally.


  1. So you don’t look like a dumb ass. Being a small biz owner means that you have to take every interaction as a business one. Like an interview, you would hate to be passed up on a job because you couldn’t follow through with one of their most basic tasks. Example: When I do calls for pattern testers for Knitatude I give specific instructions; To email with a certain title and answer the provided questions. You would be surprised how many times pattern tester applicants will send me a DM on instagram or facebook messages instead, or only answer a portion of the questions I asked. If you can’t even follow my FIRST request for a detail oriented position, do you really think you should get the job? Treat everything with professionalism!
  2. To save time. Both yours and theirs. One of the biggest time wasters out there is  a chain of emails that are redundant because one person didn’t complete reading the email and see the answer staring them in the face below. Cut out the banter and take the extra few seconds to finish reading. All that time could be invested in growing your business.  This goes for things like emails, blog posts, questionnaires, quizzes, social media posts, applications etc.
  3. To attain all the info. Most people will try to include as much info in their content so you don’t have to ask questions. Read through completely and if you’re missing something or still confused then ask away.
  4. To keep organized. A lot of people want things in orderly fashion for specific reasons. If the sign says to email, email and don’t call. That person may want to create an email folder on that specific topic etc. People are asking for a reason – whatever their reason is. Example: A store has an application section on their website for wholesale sellers. Make sure to send in your application that way as it shows you’ve done your research on the store which is brownie points in their eyes and helps them stay organized. Do not send a DM! 
  5. To be respectful. Taking the time to read all their words means that you respect the amount of time they have taken to send that info. Time is money and money is time. When someone writes something, they are meant to have it read. I am not writing this blog post so some fairy can pluck it out of the air, look at it and give it a snuggle. I’m writing it for you to learn and grow and become more efficient with your biz.  Not that I don’t enjoy it – but editing alone is just a  biiiiiitch.

Reading: Simple yet effective. By using this tool it makes you look more knowledgeable, trustworthy and like a person who others want to deal with. If you feel like you struggle at this – don’t worry, you’re not alone.  This blog post was actually written because I sent a message to a girlfriend who runs a market asking for the dates – which were clear in her post. We all make mistakes!

Have you ever had this “Doiiii” moment? How did you solve it? What happened?




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